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Reference Section

No. Cataloge Name Date Size Download
27Dry-type Transformer 2021-06-0839.0Micon
26DIN-Rail & Fuse Transformer2021-05-314.3Micon
25DIN-Rail Transformer2021-05-315.0Micon
24Fuse Type Transformer2021-05-311.6Micon
23High & Low voltage Reactor2021-01-2111.1Micon
22Noise Cut Transformer-NCT 2021-04-228.5Micon
21Harmonic Filters-AHF PHF MSF SWF 2021-05-0713.6Micon
20Zero Sequence Harmonics Filter -ZHF2020-11-244.1Micon
19Solid State Relay (SSR) 2020-08-0643.9Micon
18SSR-Socket holder2021-01-0720.2Micon
17Multi-10channel SSR2020-03-093.7Micon
16Thyristor Power Regulator -TPR(SCR Unit)2021-04-2956.5Micon
15Capacitor ON-OFF Control-SSR _ CAP-TPR2020-03-062.2Micon
14DC/Swiching Mode Power Supply-SMPS2020-06-0518.1Micon
13Auto-Battery Charger2020-02-191.4Micon
12EMI-Noise Filter2021-02-2239.9Micon
11Surge Protective Device -SPD 2021-02-0218.3Micon
10Medium Voltage CT/ VT/ MOF2021-04-1441.4Micon
9Low Voltag CT/ VT/EVT 2021-05-1715.1Micon
8Power Protective Relay2020-03-0213.4Micon
7Earth Leakage Relay-ELD-ELR2021-03-248.3Micon
6Earth(Ground) Fault Relay-GFR 2021-06-1712.8Micon
5Zero Phase Sequence Current Transformer-ZCT2020-03-275.8Micon
4Digital Panel Board Meter2021-04-017.3Micon
3Analogue Panel Board Meter2020-12-1022.2Micon
1Cooling_Fan & Fan Controller2021-06-0911.4Micon